play mistLY for me - digital only album - live recordings vol 1

by dave graney and the mistLY

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"play mistLY for me" is a collection of live recordings from shows over the last few years. Shows in Adelaide, Newcastle, Katoomba and Melbourne. Featuring different instrumentation and approaches to songs. Recorded on a hard disc recorder sitting in the rooms where we played. No direct feeds from a desk or mics on any instruments, just a stereo track from somewhere in the ROOM. No overdubs attempted. It’s all here just as it happened.


released February 23, 2015

14 tracks

ALL feature dave graney on electric or acoustic guitar, clare moore on drums, percussion or keys and vocals and Stu thomas on bass and baritone guitar and vocals.

1-8 , 10 and 13 w/ stuart perera on electric guitar
5-8 and 13 w/ mark Fitzgibbon on acoustic piano
9,11 and 12 graney, moore and thomas trio only



all rights reserved



dave graney and the mistLY Melbourne, Australia

dave graney and the mistLY are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
Dave Graney and Clare Moore were once in the Moodists, singer and drummer respectively.Then there was the Coral Snakes and the Dave Graney Show and the Lurid Yellow Mist and now the mistLY.
Stu Thomas on bass since 2004 and Stuart Perera on guitar since 1998
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Track Name: you wanna be there but you don’t wanna travel
you wanna be there but you don't wanna travel
as another day passes through you
you're just waitin for your time to arrive
you're just goin to arrive
so you sit in your kitchen and you draw the blinds
drink and shoult and have a good time
I loved the way you could sit on a stack of magazines and talk about the most impossible scenes
like you just came back from everywhere
I never saw you move too feet from your chair
you wanna be there but you dont wanna travel
you could always draw a crowd cos you'd never fallen
you fell for the high times and never came back
you wanna be there but you don't wanna travel
Track Name: I will have always been here before
I am beyond you! mortal! I am beyond reach! jump!
run after my trail!
I'll double back and follow you
let you find me!
don't be silly! I will have always been here before
no matter how you travel…where you go
how hard you try to beat me to the punch
I will have always been here before
ta ra babe ….. ta ra pal…………oorooo squire
see ya……… on the other side
one day you'll see… I will have always been here before
then you will know me now
until then my love, I wait at the end of the road
the way is dark and the night is long etc etc
you will come to a forest clearing youu will see me then now
you will see me now then
I will have always been here before I will be folding a mirror…infinitely
in such a studied way
I must have done it a thousand times before
Track Name: you wanna be loved
you wanna be loved
thats the beginning and end of your story
from the moment you wake up in the morning until you lay down your head at night you count the hearts that you've won and how easily they've come
you shake your head
people can be so soft
you wanna be loved
its the hard nuts
the closed faces that you need to open but when they turn so easily
you wanna be loved

you suddenly become aware of the room you're sittin in
hey who's that over there?
lookin like a little lost bear in the wrong place - the world - at this time
lookin suddenly up at you like a soft eyed kangaroo caught in your headlights
tryin to believe that you could be really lookin that way
smilin, lookin down, lookin up - away!
you shake your head
people can be so soft
Track Name: the stars, baby, the stars
the stars bay the stars
to get where they are
they had to cut their ties
cut their losses and fly
the stars baby the stars
the stars baby - smilin at us
wearin dark glasses and suckin our blood
the stars baby - up on the hill
oh listen to the cries of the little children
the stars baby
lookin down from your wall
watchin you watchin them
the stars baby
in your dreams you know more of them that you have friends
the stars baby the stars
they come out at night and ransack our dreams while we sleep
we awake to marvel at tomorrows look
what we'll be wearin next week
the stars baby
they come on so strong
urchins at thewindow
sirens amongst the breakers
they cry and bat their eyes
bite their lips between takes
we take them into take them into our lives
they were outside
they run away
run to the darkest corners and hide their faces
the stars baby the stars
Track Name: we don't belong to anybody
we don't belong to anybody
come on!
we're a sweet ride!
we were in the Moodists
we wuz curious
soft n sexy thats us

we work out in the open and when we work we play
we bounce! and when we work we happen
goofin' off on the sound of music
we don't belong to anybody

coral snakes deadly but beautiful
white buffaloes demons omens and signs

hashish and lquor
I speak through a lurid yellow mist
I'm the brother who lived
I got blues! heroic blues

come on!
its a sweet ride!
Track Name: are we goin' too fast for love?
how do we find each other?
how do we meet?
how do we tell the difference?
who is what and what is not?
that special person?
what's so special?
are we goin' too fast for love?
so many films have been made
so many scenes have been played out
do we meet in a bar?
or look across the room at a party?
is it through a friend of yours or a friend of mine?
does it matter that we’ve danced before?
with other people
and we lost
tried too hard and drove them away
are we goin' too fast for love?
will we be walkin' across a parkin' lot outside a supermarket that's closed?
will we get to talkin'?
wouldn't you be scared?
how do we get to cross all this space between us?
how do we make the leap?
do we get drunk or take some drugs
so if things turn out not so good
we can say we weren't ourselves
it was all a silly mistake
are we goin' too fast for love?
Track Name: I'm not afraid to be heavy
baby I'm not afraid to be heavy
you know I like you a whole lot
not gonna laugh it off
put it down anyway I can
you know that I know you know
sometimes we gotta be straight
you know we owe it to the best part of ourselves

I might make a fool of myself
well its your fault you know
its too late to turn back now
can't put this thing down like a lame horse

baby I'm not afraid to be heavy
Iwant you to have your way
I'm not afraid of what I am in your hands under your gaze
everybodys waitin- oh let em wait
they can amuse themselves
everybodys waitin - in the future
baby can't you tell
baby I'm not afraid to be heavy
I'll be there when it counts
straight up baby- right there with ya
standin up for what we've got
baby I'm not afraid to be heavy

you know I'm not gonna suddenly turn and say
"y'know I was only jokin - I'm not gonna fade on ya"
dunno what anybody else has said about maybe the same kind of situation dunno if I'm wrong
maybe I'm right?
all your dreams just might come true!

baby I'm not afraid to be heavy
Track Name: midnight to dawn
midnight to dawn
what are those endless hours called
midnight to dawn
on a workin' day
people are actually listenin'
to their radios
hangin' on as hard as they can
to the song
to the voice
midnight to dawn
I don't wanna be but I am
midnight to dawn
seems to be my time
I love the morning
the fresh morning
I wish I could hold onto that morning feeling
midnight to dawn
stackin' the shelves
drivin' the kid to sleep
nowhere no time
midnight to dawn
people see things so clearly
they try to say it
they try to do it
I love the morning
the fresh morning
I wish I could hold onto that morning feeling
Track Name: Mt Gambier night
mt gambier night. dark and light
wide open to the stars. bright satanic mills
houses I know the stories inside
different people. I know the stories around
back streets. back town. back roads
back state. back country. back world.
spiralling down and holding still
a holding pattern decades deep. I fall onto my feet so sweetly.
I know this night, mt gambier night
cold and clean . lights spill onto an empty street
I walk down the middle of the road
my footsteps keep me company
somehow, outside of the world.
mt gambier night
mt gambier night. decades later I drive by myself as I walk
I’m in the backseat on the right, stoned.
music shuttin’ the world out
booze keepin’ the lid tight
a sad carload, tryin’ to act natural, how would a car?
mt gambier night. back in it
waitin’ for me
in a holding pattern
I pick up where I left off
Track Name: twixt this world and the next
grey, listless feeling of dread
wide open sea
no drums on the riverbank
no wind on the water
the light comes up
the light goes down
compass needle slippin' stupidly about
what kind of country is this?
the weak are punished for their lack of power
like in that movie, "the incredible shrinking man"
must've driven my powerboat through a lurid , yellow mist
now I look up at the monstrous furniture
how long have we been in this country?
how long has this been happening?
where was the border?
where was the coast?
for every reaction there is a reaction
for every effect there is an effect
for every response there is a response
for every injury there is an insult
have we been lucky?
how long have we been in this country?
how long has this been happening?
when did we become strangers?
when did we cross a border?
what were we thinking all those years ago?
Track Name: twilight of a villain
you know I've seen you before
there was other people with other names
but they were all the same
I've seen you come and go
you're tryin things out
doin things for the first time
findin some space in the world
you're so far away from even your own face
its tough for me you know
I've been spinnin my wheels
hangin around in the same streets for too long
I shoud've moved on

theres always some young gunsel
whos makin his way through the crowd
I'm one of the people he can see
I'm waitin
what does an old villain do?
an old dog amongst the chickens
its no place to stay
but theres nowhere to go

who wants to know what I see now?
they want the old story again and again
you know I can lay that out
so what does an old villain do?
I don't want no trouble anymore
trouble is all I've got
trouble behind and all around
my eyes are goin
people think I don't see them
and they'e right
I just follow their lead
all I've got is the fear
you know I'm in a real tight spot

I live on a dead end street
theres only one thing that can happen now
I wonder if I'm gonna have a say in it?
I can't believe the crap I said, the things I've gotta live beyond
I tried some other routines but there was always
my young self fuckin up every every scene
Track Name: apollo 69
apollo 69
rocket sulkin in the desert heat
blowin off steam
spillin its seed on the barren dunes
billowin pubic cloud below
groaning shaking scaffold sways
nelson column Isaac Hayes shaft Watts Towers
Houston? What does Hefner reckon?I am not readin' you...
pioneers and diggers
psychedelic vistors
dune buggies appear like ponies on a cliff
like a wagon train to the stars
coyotes wail - this coffee stinks
hey lets roll onto Mars
Houston? wheres this sea of tranquility?

I am not readin' you

yeah those reds are up to somethin'
you know they've got Rasputins brain wired up to one of their missiles?
yeah its a black one
kinda like the pack leader
Castro ! man he's hot for the main feature
dyin to shove his cigar into the yellow sugar cane

apollo 69
rocket sulkin in the desert heat
blowin off steam
spillin its seed on the barren dunes
dyin to fall onto another world
ride the wild milky way
Track Name: field record me
field record me
put me in the picture, give me a page
put me in a place and time where you can find me
pin me down and forget me
field record me
make me real
treat me as if I was here
field record me
put on your coat with many pockets and stick that pipe in your mouth
and approach me sensitively in my world
field record me
field record me
treat me like a golden bug
and you’ve had the mad luck to be here
Track Name: the brother who lived
the brother who loved
the two of 'em were like brothers
they lucked onto a code
they had their time
they had their moment
they played an old ,established part so well
they were doomed, tubercular and thin
it was all they could do to hang onto their guitars
to stand up was a triumph
to throw their voices like they did
with such abandon at the mic
people came from miles around
I often wonder about the brother who lived
one of the two was tougher
or luckier, or smarter
he was found in the garden shed
the tapes were mixed by his road manager
his image triggers off a world of possibilities
a diver poised
the door always open wide
somebody standin on the other side of the river
I often wonder about the brother who lived
y’know all the stuff we lifted
all the parts we stole from those beautiful American records
y’know the stuff
all the lonesome hobo,devil got my woman, routines
how were we to know that they were for real
they were prophecies that would come true
ah the scenes that we would play
now I go about
no one knows where I am
I play where I can

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