keepin it unreal

by dave graney and clare moore

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Originally released 2006.

2015 reflections.....this was a representation of a certain type of live show we were doing around this time. "Hashish and Liquor" were albums that needed the right situations to playthem in. And Mark Fitzgibbon on deck all the time. That wasn't always possible so we did shows in this trio style. Then we decided to record it. A way of approaching songs in a "remix" type of way but "mixing" the songs through the filters of different instruments. We did this again later with both "Supermodified" and "rock'n'roll is where I hide".The songs came from all sorts of previous albums of ours. the earliest being " a million dollars in a red velvet suit: from 1991's "I was the hunter and I was the prey" and "there was a time" from 1994's "you wanna be there but you don't wanna travel". we did a lot of touring with this setup. Vibes, bass and 12 string acoustic. It was very portable. Suited theatres the best.We also covered Suicide, Mose Allison and M.

Fave lyric..... "you are a far away land / you live once upon a time / you are a rumour I strain to prove.." (You put a spell on me)

After the sprawling, spiralling, duelling double disc that was "Hashish and Liquor" , Dave Graney and Clare Moore took to the road with a minimalist , lyrical trio that chimed and shimmered and snagged and pulled their songs into a new dimension. They decided to record the sound while it was running warm through their hands and mouths and the result is "Keepin it unreal". 15 songs from all different directions put through their 6 string bass, 12 string acoustic guitar and vibraphones set up. The cover of the cd is white and golden and features Dave Graney standing on some glistening morning sands in Broome, WA and Clare Moore aboard a yacht off the Buccaneer islands in the same part of the world. The other leg of the tripoditorium is Stu D aka Stuart Thomas aka le Comte d’Alucard. Stuart has played in their live band/collective , the Lurid Yellow Mist for the last four years. He also puts out and plays his own music as the Stu Thomas Paradox and has previously worked with Kim Salmon in the Surrealists and the Business as well as Luxedo.
"Keepin’ it unreal" , released through Sydney boutique label and distributor, Reverberation, features Dave Graneys’ version of "you put a spell on me" , which he co wrote with Matt Walker and which has been previously recorded by both Matt and Jimmy Little. It also features a cover version of "diamonds, fur coat, champagne" from the second album by NYC electronic pioneers, Suicide. Throughout the album , the trio explore and re interpret many songs from Dave Graney and Clare Moores extensive, bejewelled back catalogue, unearthing gems such as " a million dollars in a red velvet suit" (released only in the UK in 1990) and "biker in business class" ( sung by Frank Bennett on the Devil Drives in 1997). The album closes with an English language version of the 2003 French smash hit by "M", "qui des nous deux?" ( re recorded here as "who of us two?")
"Keepin ‘ it Unreal" is a crystaline maze in miniature, a palace within a labyrinth, another unreal episode in the long running series launched by Dave Graney and Clare Moore so many years ago….


released June 1, 2006

Dave Graney, 12 string acoustic guitar
Clare Moore, vibraphone, melodica
Stu D aka Le Comte D'Alucard aka Stuart Thomas, bass

*track 15, "who of us two?" features Dave Graney on vocals, electric guitar and bass and Clare Moore on drums, keys and vocals.

Recorded August 2006 at the Ponderosa in Melbourne.
Produced by Dave Graney and Clare Moore.

On "Keepin’ it unreal" Dave Graney and Clare Moore present a wide range of material all taken through the strange sonic machine shop , the veritable Tardis, that is their vibes, 12 string and bass vehicle of choice 2006/2007. ( Just one of their vehicles, they travel in many). Here,they stretch out on some material, beyond the rational and known confines of time and space.
A year of touring far into the interior and all along the coasts of Australia with this shimmering, delicate and golden and mellifluous sound gave Dave Graney and Clare Moore the opportunity to revisit and recast much material from the past recordings in a new light, a new and pleasantly melodious aspect. They did a two month stand at an inner city joint that saw them make their way through 120 songs from their vast and arcane song book. At the end of long period of driving and playing , and just before Stu D jumped on a plane to Europe, they recorded a set of their favourite songs. Songs that bloomed and breathed again in this new environment. This exotic and fecund, reverberrant atmosphere. This set included "you put a spell on me", co written with Melbourne player Matt Walker and recorded by him in 1999 as well as by Jimmy Little . There is also a charging version of "diamonds,fur coat, champagne" by New York synthesizer duo, Suicide ( a great inspiration for Dave Graney in his early musical shots for impossible goals) and an English language version of a hit by French artist , M". The song is called "who of us two?" and closes the album. (It was the only song with drums on it so it would have upset the ambience anywhere else). Elsewhere,they revisit songs from all different albums they have made, going back to 1990 for "a million dollars in a red velvet suit", 1994 for "there was a time", 1997 for "biker in business class",1998 for "lt Colonel, Cavalry" and "am I wearing something of yours?" , 2000 for "vengeance is on it’s way" and " the stuff that night is made of" and all points through the last decade for the rest of the album. All these new interpretations of these songs were recorded live, in one day and overdubs were kept to a minimum. No electric guitars or keyboards were brought out (save for "who of us two" which was recorded by Dave Graney and Clare Moore a few months earlier) and it was kept to a most minimal aesthetic. The object being to keep it ,strangely, real. The thing being that in reality, and indeed , to begin with , it was unreal. So they had to keep it so, also. Indubitably.


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dave graney and the mistLY Melbourne, Australia

dave graney and the mistLY are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
Dave Graney and Clare Moore were once in the Moodists, singer and drummer respectively.Then there was the Coral Snakes and the Dave Graney Show and the Lurid Yellow Mist and now the mistLY.
Stu Thomas on bass since 2004 and Stuart Perera on guitar since 1998
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